It is in the magnificent setting of southern town of Anduze that we created Anduze Jazz Dance Camp.

A space to reconnect with the tradition and values of Jazz dance and music, thanks to a lineup of artists strongly attached to black culture.

Anduze Jazz Dance Camp wants to welcome all those interested in rhythm and movement linked to the Jazz tradition.

The plurality of our lineup finds its musical counterpart in Jazzoparc music festival, which each year welcomes us with a solid and diverse lineup.

Music every evening, but also during the day, to move the body but also to listen, on the grass or around a bar table.

No ballroom in Anduze: music and dance invite themselves into the city — and invite the city.

Anduze Jazz Dance Camp does not want to be a consumption product, but an experience that we create together. A space where exchange, human relationships and the sharing of experiences are just as precious as dance steps.

An open mind, humility and the desire to immerse yourself in a culture and an art are essential for this experience to be a success for everyone!

Credit photo StF Cromaline 2022


We believe that each of the Jazz dances is a link in African American culture, a link that we should neither isolate nor freeze.

Practicing these dances require embracing the whole of this culture, with its complexity and its apparent contradictions.

To do so, we want Anduze Jazz Dance Camp to be marked by respect and responsibility:

Respect for heritage, tradition, values, people, culture, music, newcomers, elders, difference, plurality.

Responsibility to ensure that the cultural process is done with this respect; the responsibility to accompany and watch over every participant; the responsibility to teach this respect by being an example.