Classes description

Jazz Rock

A swingy mix of fast tap steps, acrobatics and the jazzy style of the 20s and 30s. It all starts with listening to music and interpreting it. The dancers feed on legendary artists like James Brown or the Nicholas Brothers by adding their own style.

This class is offered in a « Flow » version for those who want to discover Jazz Rock at a more relaxed pace, and in a « Challenge » version for those who are ready to burn their legs out!

Soft Shoe

Using your feet as a percussion instrument full of nuances. An essential work on the weight of the body and its transfer, on the swing and the release, the anchoring in the ground, the intimate relationship and in permanent dialogue with the music. Technical and rhythmic exercises emphasizing movement and musicality will be offered in connection with the basics and rudiments of Soft Shoe, from the tradition of American Rhythm Tap.

This class is offered in a « Flow » version, for those who have less experience in the world of Tap Dance, and in a « Challenge » version for those who already have some basics in Soft Shoe and Tap.

Body Percussion

Exploration of the different facets of the rhythmicity of the body through the prism of multidisciplinarity and rhythm as an essential link between dance and music.

This class is offered in a « Flow » version, for those who need some time to integrate rhythmic sequences, and in a « Challenge » version for those who are ready to test their rhythm and coordination.

Atelier Crossover

The core of Anduze Jazz Dance Camp is the encounter of artists from different backgrounds of African American Jazz culture.

The artists, reunited by pairs or trios, will have carte blanche to create workshops to explore the links between their respective disciplines.

These moments of exchange can be entirely danced, a time for discussion, a video screening, or a mix of everything…

The themes of each atelier will be proposed by the artists themselves, and will be announced during the festival.

Lindy Hop

Lindy Flow: Lindy Hop class with a rather relaxed pace. At least 1 year of dance experience required.

Lindy Challenge: Lindy Hop classes for those who wish to challenge themselves with rhythm, movement or couple dance technique. We recommend at least 3 years of dance practice to participate.

Solo Jazz

Solo Flow: Vernacular Jazz class dedicated to less experienced dancers or to those who wish a more relaxed class pace.

Solo Challenge: Vernacular Jazz lessons where anything is possible. Get ready for real challenges. This course is recommended for those with a strong experience in vernacular Jazz or other urban dances.